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Mission & Vision

The System Mission
To ensure that we do everything possible to help each child maximize achievement and establish a pattern of life-long learning.
The System Vision/Purpose:
The purpose of Commerce City Schools is to be a respected charter system of high achieving schools with shared governance providing a safe environment and engaging students in learning experiences that will prepare them for post-secondary options and a healthy, productive life.

CPS Vision/Purpose: The purpose of Commerce Primary School is to engage students in successful early learning experiences to prepare them for the transition to elementary school.
CES Vision/Purpose: The purpose of Commerce Elementary School is to engage students in successful learning experiences that will encourage the development of independent learning in preparation for middle school.
CMS Vision/Purpose: The purpose of Commerce Middle School is to engage students in successful learning opportunities while building character and confidence in order to be well-prepared for their high school experiences.
CHS Vision/Purpose: The purpose of Commerce High School is to graduate students who have mastered the content to be prepared for post-secondary education and/or the workforce.
The System Values
We value the improvement of student learning and achievement by:
1. Providing a challenging instructional program that meets the needs of all students,
2. Providing a highly qualified staff,
3. Providing a safe, clean, and educationally appropriate facilities,
4. Managing and using resources in an efficient and effective manner and,
5. Involving parents and community stakeholders.

The System Believes
1. That all students are valued individuals with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs who must learn a work ethic and be motivated to become competent, contributing members of society,
2. That excellent teachers, who are caring, knowledgeable, passionate, and in control of the learning environment, are the foundation of quality instruction,
3. That students learn best in a safe, comfortable environment with high behavioral standards,
4. That all resources, to include time, people, space, information, budget, and technology, must be focused on student achievement, and that through a commitment to innovation and continuous growth, this achievement can be gained from all people and programs,
5. And that strong home, school, and community partnerships are essential in providing each student the support needed to be successful.