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Parents' Bill of Rights

Parents’ Bill of Rights*

A parent of a minor child at any school within the district may exercise his or her parental rights using the following procedures: 

  1. A parent may review records relating to his or her minor child by contacting the office at his or her child’s school. A mutually agreeable time for parent record review will be scheduled during regular business hours.   
  2. A parent may learn about his or her minor child's courses of study, including, but not limited to, parental access to instructional materials intended for use in the child’s classroom, by contacting the instructional leader at the school and requesting the same. Such instructional materials will be made available for parental review during the first two weeks of each grading period, either online or on site upon a parent's request made during the review period.
  3. A parent may object to instructional materials intended for use in his or her minor child's classroom or recommended by his or her minor child's teacher by contacting the instructional leader at the school.
  4. A parent may withdraw his or her minor child from the school's prescribed course of study in sex education if the parent provides a written objection to his or her child's participation. Parents will be notified in advance of the sex education course content and parents will be given the opportunity to opt his or her minor child out of participation by notifying the minor child’s teacher in writing.
  5. A parent may provide written notice that photographs or video or voice recordings of his or her minor child are not permitted, subject to applicable public safety and security exceptions, by notifying the minor child’s school in writing upon the child’s enrollment.

* Pursuant to Georgia Code 20-2-786 (f)




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