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Weather Alert for 12/11/18

posted Dec 10, 2018, 6:07 PM by Tobie Jones   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:08 AM ]

At this time, Commerce City Schools will operate on a normal schedule on Tuesday, December 11th.  We will check road conditions in the morning.  If a change is made, a notification will be sent by 5:00 am. 

2019-2020 Calendar Survey

posted Oct 15, 2018, 11:59 AM by Tobie Jones   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:09 AM ]

We are seeking feedback on calendar options for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please carefully review the calendar options below.  Once you have reviewed the options, please log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal where you will find a link to the survey. 

We appreciate your time and feedback.

New Parent Involvement Coordinator

posted Aug 27, 2018, 10:49 AM by Tobie Jones   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:09 AM ]

Please join Commerce City Schools in welcoming Maggie Eterno as our Parent Involvement Coordinator.  Maggie will be busy getting to know everyone in our system!  Maggie's office will be located at Commerce Primary School.  You can reach her at 706-335-5587 or  We are so excited to have Maggie join our team!

2018 Tax Digest

posted Aug 16, 2018, 6:16 AM by Tobie Jones   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:10 AM ]

The Board of Education for Commerce City Schools does hereby announce that the millage rate will be set at a meeting to be held at the Commerce Board of Education Office located at 270 Lakeview Dr., Commerce, Georgia on September 10, 2018 at 6:00 pm and pursuant to the requirements of O.C.G.A. Section 48-5-32 do hereby publish the following presentation of the current year's tax digest and levy, along with the history of the tax digest and levy for the past five years. The Board has tentatively adopted a millage rate which will require an increase in property taxes by 3.31% over the rollback rate. Before setting the millage on September 10, 2018 there will be three public meetings. The first will convene on August 27, 2018 at 10:00 AM at the Commerce City Board of Education offices at 270 Lakeview Dr. Commerce, Ga.  The second will convene   at 5:00 PM on August 28, 2018 at the Commerce City Board of Education.  The third will convene at 5:30 PM immediately preceding the regularly scheduled Board meeting at 6:00.  All citizens are encouraged to attend these public meetings.

2018 Milestones Results

posted Aug 8, 2018, 6:44 PM by Tobie Jones   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:10 AM ]

Dear Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members,

In this week’s Jackson Herald, the headlines include a story summarizing the results from the 2018 Milestones End of Grade Assessments and the 2018 End of Course Test results. Though the results were reported accurately for the End of Grade (Grades 3, 5, and 8), the results were NOT reported accurately for the 2018 End of Course Test results at Commerce High School.

Commerce High School is on a 4x4 traditional block schedule which means that students earn a full year of credit each semester. The results reported in the newspaper only tell part of the story. I can only assume that the newspaper pulled their results from the Department of Education website (which only reports results from spring semester). Please find below the accurate overall (year-long) results for Commerce High School.

  • Ninth Grade Literature- 11% of students scored at Level 1 (14 of 133) NOT 19.6%

  • Algebra I- 22% of students scored at Level 1 (31 of 144)

  • American Literature and Composition- 13% of students scored at Level 1 (16 of 122) NOT 22.8%

  • Biology- 19% of students scored at Level 1 (18 of 96) NOT 30.9%

  • Economics- 17% of students scored at Level 1 (15 of 87) NOT 18%

  • Geometry- 10% of students scored at Level 1 (8 of 82) NOT 25%

  • US History- 23% of students scored at Level 1 (27 of 120) NOT 44%

We understand that we still have work to do at every grade level; however, our students and faculty/staff members/administrators are working too hard to report inaccurate data. Please let me know if you have questions.


Joy R. Tolbert


Commerce High School Orientation Night

posted Jul 10, 2018, 12:22 PM by Tobie Jones   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:10 AM ]

CHS Orientation Flyer

Proposed Budget 2019

posted Jun 19, 2018, 6:23 AM by Tobie Jones   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:11 AM ]

7th Grade - Georgia Grown Trip

posted May 4, 2018, 9:42 AM by Tobie Jones   [ updated May 18, 2018, 12:02 PM ]

Attention Parents of 7th Grade Students- As you know, our seventh graders are on a field trip today with a Georgia Grown theme.  Due to I-985 being closed north of Jaemor Farms, our seventh graders are headed back to Commerce Middle School earlier than expected.  At this point we do not have all of the details of the incident that has occurred to close the interstate.  All of our seventh grade students on the trip are safe, and they are headed back to CMS.  

CMS - Georgia Milestones Testing Schedule

posted May 1, 2018, 11:03 AM by Tobie Jones   [ updated May 18, 2018, 12:02 PM ]

Commerce Middle School

End of Grade (EOG) Milestones Assessment

Testing Schedule


The Milestones Assessment was developed to measure a student’s knowledge of the state-adopted content standards which are taught throughout schools in the state of Georgia.  The results from this test will provide critical information about students’ achievement and readiness for the next grade level.

Spring 2018 Testing Dates

Testing sessions will begin at 7:45 am

5th grade:

Tues, May 1 (writing)

Thurs, May 3 (ELA)

Tues, May 8 (math)

Thurs, May 10 (science)

Fri, May 11 (soc studies)

6th grade:

Wed, May 2 (writing)

Fri, May 4 (ELA)

Wed, May 9 (math)

8th grade:

Tues, May 1 (writing)

Thurs, May 3 (ELA)

Tues, May 8 (math)

Thurs, May 10 (science)

Fri, May 11 (soc studies)

7th grade:

Tues, May 1 (writing)

Wed, May 2 (ELA)

Wed, May 9 (math)

Food Service - End-of-year Balances

posted Apr 19, 2018, 6:16 PM by Tobie Jones   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:13 AM ]

Announcement for End-of-year Account Balance Round-up from Rich Friedman/ School Nutrition Director

As we finish up April and quickly approach the final weeks of school in May, the Cafeteria Managers at each school have the unenviable task of trying to collect payment owed for meals served during the year. This is not a pleasant job and we don’t enjoy it –BUT like any business we have to collect what’s owed or we risk not covering our expenses. This, in turn, makes it difficult to continue to offer the best food and service that we can. We at Commerce City Schools Nutrition Department are proud of our program and enthusiastic participation from students and staff on a daily basis bear out the good work we do. There are official penalties and consequences for delinquent accounts but we prefer to ask nicely and depend upon the good will and sense of fair play from the families in our community. As always, if your family has financial issues that make timely payment difficult, give us a call and we will do our best to bring community resources to your aid.

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