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Student Registration

Commerce City Schools - New Student Registration Instructions

 This is for new students enrolling in Commerce City Schools

Before beginning the application process, please make sure you have all the required documents with you and ready to upload with your application.

Please email Angie Ingram (angie.ingram@commercecityschools.org) once you have completed the online application.

Step 1:  Complete an online registration application at: https://campus.commerce-city.k12.ga.us/campus/OLRLoginKiosk/commerce.  If you have multiple children please include all of them in one application.  IF you currently have children in the system, please log on to your parent portal account and complete the application from your account.

*Note:  this process requires an active email account.  If you do not have one or do not have access to technology, you may go to the Commerce Central office to complete the registration process.

Step 2:  The following documents are required to be uploaded in your online application and these are denoted below with an (*).

  • Proof of Residency * - See information below regarding acceptable documentation

  • A Copy of Your Student’s Birth Certificate *

  • Social Security Card or number 

  • Immunizations GA Form 3231 

  • Hearing/Vision/Dental Screening GA Form 3300 

  • Picture ID of the Parent / Legal Guardian that is completing the online registration * - See information below regarding acceptable documentation

  • Records Request (this will need to be uploaded or printed and turned in to the Central Office)

  • Complete meal assistance application if applicable Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application

Once the registrar confirms the completion of your online registration, receipt of your student’s documents, and completion of any needed placement testing, your student will be enrolled and you will be given a start date.  

Proof of Authorized Person to Enroll: 

The following persons are authorized to enroll students:

  • Parent (natural or adoptive)

  • Legal Guardian

  • A grandparent with a properly executed power of attorney for the care of a minor child or Non Parental Affidavit (available at school)

  • Foster parent appointed by a state agency

  • Sponsor for approved International Exchange Program

The person authorized to enroll should present one of the following:

  • Driver’s license

  • State identification card

  • Passport

Definition of Primary Residence

A person's primary residence or main residence is the dwelling where they live, typically a house or an apartment. A person can only have one primary residence at any given time, though they may share the residence with other people.   

To classify as a resident, a student shall be required to reside with his/her parent, legal custodian or legal guardian within the city limits of Commerce. For purposes of this policy, a resident is defined as an individual who legally resides within the city limits of Commerce and who, on any given school day, is likely to be at their stated address when not at work or school. Where custody of a child is shared by two or more persons, that person who has the majority of time in physical custody shall be the parent or legal custodian whose residency shall be used for determining residency and enrollment. A person who owns property in the city of Commerce, but does not reside in the city, is not considered a resident for purposes of enrollment. Proof of residency is required when a student initially enrolls in a school and whenever a change of residence occurs.


Commerce City Schools reserves the right to complete home visits for the purpose of verifying residency information provided during the registration process and any and all residency changes submitted to the schools.  Home visits will be conducted by school personnel and/or licensed investigators.

Proof of Residency

Present one of the following:  

  • Current lease/rental agreement (with start/end dates)

  • Current residential property tax statement or bill

  • Current warranty or quitclaim deed

  • A current home purchase agreement

* Current is defined as last 30 days

* Service address must be clearly marked with homeowner’s name listed

* Must include address

A telephone/cable bill is not acceptable.

  • Current gas bill

  • Current water bill

  • Current electric bill


If the student’s family is residing in the home or apartment of another individual, the following is necessary for enrollment:

  1. Proof of Residency Form with the following:

    1. Signature of the person with whom the family is living,

    2. Signature of parent/legal guardian of the student, and

    3. Apartment manager’s signature, if applicable,

  1. Proof of Residency from the person with whom family is living

(see Proof of Residency section for required document)

  1. One piece of business mail in the parent/legal guardian’s name with the address of the home or apartment in which the student is residing. 

For the Nonresident Student Policy and Application please click here.

Out of District tuition is paid thru the Parent Portal in the Fees section.  Please call Angie Ingram at 706-336-8965, if you have any questions.

If you have any questions please contact Angie Ingram at (706) 335-5500.

Entering kindergarten and first grade: According to Georgia law, children must be five years old by September 1st in order to enroll in kindergarten and six years old by September 1st to enroll in first grade. The only exceptions are students who were legal residents in another state for a period of two years prior to moving to Georgia and: (1) are age five by December 31st and who attended an accredited kindergarten in another state may enroll in public kindergarten, or (2) students who are six by December 31st and who attended an accredited school in another state may enroll in first grade.

Children in need of services due to non-traditional housing must contact our System Homeless Liaison, Dr. Joy R. Tolbert at (706) 335-5500.