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Farm to School

What is the Farm to School program? This program was established to help provide healthy and nutritious food to school children while also providing
local farmers with consistent and dependable outlets for their products. The Farm to School program started in 1996 as a grassroots movement and now has over 2,000 active programs in 40 states. The farm to school program also plays on the trend of locally grown food. According to the Farm Bill, a local food is a product that is raised, produced, distributed, and transported within 400 miles of its origin.

How does this benefit the children? The farm to school program gives school children a chance to experience locally grown fresh and nutritious produce. The children also get an opportunity to learn about what is produced locally throughout the year and taste some of the best quality produce locally offered.
The more opportunities our children have to learn about the people, time, effort and resources necessary to turn a seed into a crop, the more they will appreciate the food their plates!

The Commerce City School Nutrition program is proud to participate in the Farm to School movement! 


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