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Charge Policy

Student Meals should be paid in advance with money placed on a student’s account OR paid on an “as you go” basis. Students will not be allowed to charge more than 5 meals. At that point, automated calls or low balance notices will be sent home and the student will receive an alternative meal. An alternative meal consists of milk, a cheese sandwich and a serving of fruit. This complies with The National School Lunch Program’s USDA meal pattern for a complete reimbursable meal. Students with a negative balance will not be able to purchase additional items such as ice cream, additional beverages, snacks or other a la carte items.

While our mission is to feed good tasting nutritious meals to our students, we are also responsible for being good stewards of the business and financial management side as mandated by the USDA and the National School Lunch Program. Please help us continue to run a successful school feeding program by keeping your child’s account current.

As always, please call with any questions, concerns or difficulties.

Rich Friedman

School Nutrition Director

Commerce City Schools