CHS Schedule Change

Students, Parents, & Guardians,


While Commerce High School’s number of COVID cases remains low, we do feel that it is necessary to make some adjustments to our daily schedule to keep our numbers low and to eliminate opportunities for large groups of students to congregate. Effective Monday, August 30th, the following changes will take effect:


  • When students arrive on campus, they will report directly to their 1st block classes rather than the cafeteria. Students may get breakfast on their way to 1st block.


  • ROAR time will be eliminated from our daily schedule, which will result in a later school start time. School will begin at 8:20 AM each school day. Current school end times will remain the same (3:05 Monday through Thursday & 2:35 on Friday).


Please note that the Commerce High School doors will continue to open to students at 7:20 AM each school day. There will not be any changes to morning or afternoon bus routes and times. Students may utilize the additional time in the mornings before school for tutoring or extra help from their teachers.


We appreciate your support of our efforts to keep our doors open for in-person instruction. Thank you!